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A daydreamer, chocolate addict, classic films enthusiast, Astaire-Rogers lover, swing music listener, an old soul, definitely living in the wrong era, and passionate about writing.

As an ignorant teenage girl that is me, I’m very much a dodo when it comes to critically analyzing the structures and motives of a movie. But that doesn’t seem to stop me from trying to appreciate one, no… in fact, ever since the start of this year I have been enthralled by the magic that is the cinema, and I’m lying if I say that I’m not seriously obsessed with it, to the point that I’ve been dedicating the past few months downloading tons of classic movies to my dangerously decrepit laptop and watching them at three in the morning, sacrificing my sleeping hours and gaining crazy eyebags as a result.

I really love movies, and I’m afraid that I’m becoming one of those obsessive-compulsive cinephiles right now… But then again, I thought, who doesn’t love movies anyway? The excitement of watching together with your friends, commenting on each segment of the film as if you're Roger Ebert, the ability to relate to a character's situation, the sentiment of watching a film alone on a rainy day... I mean, obviously we all have different taste in the genre and/or the quality of the film, but the subject remains under the term ‘cinema’ in anyway you see it.

I was triggered to start a film blog when I stumbled upon this amazing site that is this, and boy it inspire me to watch as many movies as I can before I at least turn twenty (which is another year from now). I mean, the site runner watched around 100 movies in one month, and if that is not an accomplishment, then I don’t know what is!

So, don't expect anything grand here. I confess I am an utter and complete amateur in the cinematic world, but my love for it might help me survive. This blog is here to help me expand my knowledge about classic films (and watch as many of them as fast as it is freaking possible!) and raise awareness about Classic Hollywood to my friends. My surrounding. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be able to talk about 'Days of Wine and Roses' without having to experience the awkwardness that is my friends not understanding what I'm talking about.

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