'I'm through!' or, Even Bogart makes mistakes

It all started from Carole Lombard's ditsy Irene Bullock. I was on the hunt for more William Powell movies, and I realized one of these days I must finish My Man Godfrey. When I was done and poor Godfrey is about to marry Irene, I came to the conclusion that the only thing I didn't like from that movie was Irene's fringe.

i just... don't
Then, as my curiosity got the best of me, I researched more about the film, and found its bloopers. I know already Carole Lombard was a lady who curse, but seeing her doing it is just... amusing! and William Powell's laugh was freaking adorable, I have to add.

You see, 'classic films' and 'bloopers' combined together can create my own heaven on earth. I went to every video-sharing websites I can find and typed the same keywords in: 'classic films bloopers'. Sometimes I change the 'classic films' to 'James Stewart'. Or 'Fred Astaire' (and sadly there were none), or 'Arsenic and Old Lace', or even 'Now, Voyager', and anything I can get in my mind. I was giddy all night doing this!

And so, dearies, I could not not share my findings! My favourites are these:

Humphrey Bogart and his habit of swearing that same word again and again if he forgot his lines. I love it when he fell backward at the end of the video; his reply was simply 'this thing threw me, what is this?' (Embedding is unfortunately disabled)

There are many parts of this 'Breakdowns of (year)' created by Warner Bros. I love it when James Cagney all of a sudden just dances with George Raft in 1:13. In fact, I love it all.

I never realized that Chaplin was such a tiny chap. Sooo small...

And another Breakdowns. just LOVE Cagney's face at the beginning when he accidentally broke the wooden curtain!

I'm sure there are more videos out there to watch about the goofs of classic Hollywood. It's really funny to see the stars blundering about their lines and dysfunctional props! Makes me love classic Hollywood even more.

and here's a flower for you.


  1. Yeah, classic movie bloopers are awesome! I did this compilation sometime ago: http://youtu.be/kOR2f0EA8Co hope you like it!

  2. as a matter of fact i did stumble upon your video! but it's not that one, it's the Myrna Loy one, where she pretended to be dumb for Melvyn Douglas. Anyway I love this :) thanks for sharing!

  3. love these old movie clips !



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