The One Month & A Day Hiatus

Sponsored by THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES of 1946

So here I was, trying to find out what the heck happened to this blog and why aren't there any more posts. Has the author given up already?! PLEASE give me Plaza 55597 so that I know? I only want Pla-za 5-5-5-9-7! I don't want the world with a fence on it! I just want to know about this blog!
 Mr. Wynn wanted the operator to explain about this situation. It was harder than he thought to receive information about ATGB's status from them. He ate his phone in utter desperation.

This heart of mine was not jolly when seeing absolutely nothing new here on ATGB.
Ms. Bremer thought it was okay if Mr. Astaire stole her bracelet. He had already stolen her heart anyway. But seeing that ATGB has not even a single new post for the whole month is another story! Naturally!

The sweepstakes ticket ain't nothing compared to this nonsense hiatus! It's a folly, I tell ya! Yea? Yea? A. Folly!
No one messes with Ms. Brice and her smile. She'd been in the original Follies, anyway. I repeat, no one messes with Fanny Brice, her smile, and the folly-ness (it's a word.) of this blog's nonsense hiatus. End of story.

Love can be a moment's madness, love can be insane...
Simply put, this M.I.A. thing ATGB is experiencing is indeed a moment's madness. It's insane. Ms. Horne, though, never meant to compare it with love... there's no love in a hiatus. But then again, the lyrics to Ms. Horne's song in Ziegfeld Follies is quite a catch for ATGB's gone-with-the-wind!

"No bad taste, no after effect, no upsetting the nerves, just a nice, smooth... hiatus!!!"
Mr. Skelton tried to describe what will happen when television comes... but he was too distraught by this blog's absence. It shows in his disbelieved grimace.

All I want'cha to do is just pay 'em the two dollars!
 Mr. Moore had to pay the price for ATGB's long-winding absence. He was last seen talking to himself behind cell, saying something about 'two dollars'. Maybe he thought paying ATGB will bring the blog back to life. We don't want that, though. All we want can be found in Ms. Horne's song.

"But isn't this blog supposed to be about me?"
The fact that Mr. Astaire was completely bewildered by Ms. Bremer's action when they were about to part in This Heart of Mine was not comparable to the chagrin he felt about ATGB's hiatus.

"Full of Oscar-winning magic..."
Sweet Ms. Garland was reminiscence about ATGB's good times. I, too.

"Here we stand, the Babbitt and the Bromide, the Marlon Brando and Cary Grant of dancing, in unison, asking for ATGB to come back."
How are you?
How's the folks?
What's new?
Got to run!
Oh my!
Olive oil!

Oh, and by the way. ATGB is back again! *smiling cheeky face*


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