Day #15 - The Film That Depicts Your Life

Hmph. I dislike choosing. If this category allows me to list segments from movies that depict my life, then I won't even have to think hard. But it doesn't.

I have only one film that I know depicts my life quite perfectly. Please don't tease me for choosing this. I'm not being sentimental or something!

Why It's A Wonderful Life? Because, let's see, if ever George Bailey is a woman, it'll be a spot on film to ever depict my life. I've always been very nice, very kind to everyone I know, because I am just that nice girl that's rather forgettable, and I've had my ups and my downs, and at one point when I was having my ultimate breakdown and I just had to do something drastic to alter things, I have that guardian angel that helped me through life and problems, and saved me from being a wreck. Just like how George Bailey is such a kind gentleman and is ever so attentive and caring to everyone that needed help, and when he experiences that overwhelming stress, there's Clarence as his guardian angel to save and accompany him until the end.

Day #14 - The Film That No One Expected You To Like

I should be honest. I like any kind of movies. And in this context, 'any kind' means the ones that attract me. Doesn't matter if it's rated extremely bad or has won the entire Razzie awards, or flopped the box office, or the movie's freaking dull and has completely no sense at all in every terms imaginable. Doesn't matter if that movie isn't even a movie; if I like it, I like it.

Of course there should be at least one reason why I like it. Excess Baggage is a good example because I find Benicio Del Toro to be extremely irresistible despite Alicia Silverstone's boring, annoying character and forgettable plot.

Well, I don't know what film no one expected me to like... and the only one film I had in mind for this category is this:

Yes, so it has won many Academy Awards, including Best Picture. So also it has young Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, John Cazale and Christopher Walken in it. But it's a war movie and it lasted around 3 hours for goodness gracious, and the first 2-hours is about a wedding party and introduction to the characters. I mean, the only 3-hour film I've ever endured in my life is Gone with the Wind!

I was never into war films, actually. Unless it's something to do with the 1st and 2nd World War, or the American Civil War, then chances are I won't even touch it. I'm the comedy type of girl, the silent-film enthusiast, one who enjoys a pleasant classic rom-com/drama at any time. I like film noirs too, but then again who doesn't?

I won't lie, I thought I was tricked into watching a film about a wedding ceremony when the characters just don't stop dancing and drinking. I was expecting this to be a long, bloody war film but it didn't happen until at least an hour later. But I do admit that when I finally watched the war scene, I was stunned. It was short and yet extremely memorable (in fact, it's the most memorable part), and I just can't help but admire everything about it. The Russian Roulette game the characters were playing and how they managed to escape and the aftermath of war, the impact it had on them... amazing.