Fred Astaire's Picture Play Interview (May 1940)

Thanks to Sharon from Diamond Dame, I (along with many other Astaire fans) had the opportunity to read a very delightful rare excerpt of Fred Astaire's interview for the magazine Picture Play, edition May 1940. In the interview, headlined 'Memo: ... From A Dancing Master', Mr. Astaire himself gave out dancing tips. Yes, he did. Yes, you read right. Dancing tips from Fred Astaire!

why, you're all welcome

The interview was carried out by Wilbur Morse Jr.,  and he started the read with his own story of being left by his date as soon as she found out he was a bad dancer (“Before you venture on the dance floor again, you should take a gymnasium course in co-ordination and … sit through the next five Fred Astaire movies nine times each!” -2nd paragraph) Oh snap. He then decided to ask the master of dancing and treating the ladies about what to do, and went on to interviewing Fred.

the magazine cover, which is extremely hard to find these days.

Now I won't be copying the full article because I don't feel the need to do so, I'll just summarize a few of Fred's tips in his own exact words. Besides, Sharon herself was kind enough to do the job and had the article copied on her blog, so if you're intrigued, go check the transcript on Diamond Dame! I can't thank her enough for this lovely treat.


Now excuse me while I satisfy my urgent need of watching an Astaire movie!

*photo credits from thomasdestry and Diamond Dame


  1. Wow! What a magical piece of the past. Only 16, I've grown up watching the old stars, particularly Fred, since I can remember. This is great. Good work finding this!


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