Film Challenge Day #3 and #4

Since I skipped Day 3, which was yesterday, because of many trivial reasons, I decided to just pile it up with Day 4 together today.

And thus we come to the categories of A Film That I Watch to Feel Good, and A Film That I Watch to Feel Bad.

At first I picked Breakfast At Tiffany's for my feel-good film, but then after much thinking, I decided to change it with this.

Everything about this film is just so feel-good. I have loads of favourite scenes, like when Gene Kelly jumps straight into Debbie Reynold's car and she hysterically calls a cop only to find out he's a famous actor, or when Reynolds throws a cake to Jean Hagen's face (priceless!), or when Donald O'Connor does the Make 'Em Laugh segment (I just love it too much), and the random but still amusing Moses Supposes scene, and of course, the unbeatable, inimitable, iconic Singin' In the Rain segment (video's below). Everytime I watch it happiness comes flooding right into my heart. And that is not exaggeration, dear readers, it is not. This film is just pure happiness and laughter from beginning to end, and to support it, here's a smiley for you :)

And now, the film the I watch to make me feel down. A harder subject, but my eventual choice is...

none. Really, how can a movie make you feel down? Usually I only feel disappointed when I had high expectation for a certain movie but it didn't work out, or I feel angry with a character from a movie for her annoying/bad qualities, or I feel sad for the plot or whatsoever, but I never once encounter a film that made me down. Other emotions did come but to an extent where I feel down... I just never.


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