Film Challenge Day #2

My least favourite film is...

Oh this is hard. Because the topic 'least favourite film' can be about the worst movie I've ever seen and disliked because well, it's the worst movie ever made, yet it can also mean a good movie that is just not my favourite; and not to mention the many movies I've seen that I thought was good, but turned out bad, and the many movies I wasted my money upon only to find out it was not worth it. At all.

But now, having realized that I've talked too much, I'll just save time and announce you my least favourite film:

Psycho (1998) dir. Gus Van Sant

even the poster looks cheap

Hands down the worst remake for me. This film made me question why did these people even had the audacity to think about re-creating an Alfred Hitchcock's. Because, you see, he was in any way a very inimitable man. So unless you're an aspiring auteur blessed with Hithcock-wise talents, never try to copy one of his masterpieces. Ne-ver. Especially the ones like Psycho. Or The Birds (oh, I wonder what the result would be if ever they decide to remake The Birds! Make or break.)


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