Day #8 - A Film You Can Quote Best


I just watch this movie too much.

Sid: "Hey! Hey baby, what's going on here?"
Holly: "Oh, hi." (rings bell, Mr. Yunioshi wakes up, grunts, blunders around)
Mr. Yunioshi: "Miss Gorightly...! Someday, someday, Miss Gorightly!"
Sid: "What happened to you anyway? You take over from the powder room and that's the last I see you!"
Holly: "Now really, Harry..."
Sid: "Harry was the other guy, I'm Sid! Sid Arbuck, you like me, remember?"
Mr. Yunioshi: "Miss Gorightly! I proteeest...!"
Holly: "Oh, darling, I am sorry but I lost my key!"
Mr. Yunioshi: "But that was two weeks ago! You cannot go on and keep ringin' my bell! You disturb-ah me! You must have a key made!"
Holly: "But it won't do me any good, I just lose them all!"
Sid: "Come on, baby, you like me, you know you do!"
Holly: "I worship you, Mr. Arbuck, good night, Mr. Arbuck!" (shuts her door)
Sid: "Wait a minute, what is this? You like me, I'm a liked guy! (bangs the door) You like me, baby, you know you do! Didn't I pick up the check for five people, your friends, I never see them before! And when you ask for another change what did I give you? A fifty dollar bill, now doesn't that give me some rights?!" (bangs door)
Mr. Yunioshi: "In thirty seconds, I going to call the police! (Sid leaves) All time disturbance! I get no sleep! I gotta get my rest, I'm an artist! I going to call the vice squad on you!"
Holly: "Don't be angry, you dear little man, I won't do it again."

I can go on and on writing down the entire dialogue. I honestly remember it by heart right now! Although it might not be exactly as it was scripted, but the way it was spoken, the tone, the stressing of certain words and the actions carried as they speak are all carved in my memory... I remember I used to put Moon River on repeat the entire day back when I was crazy about Audrey Hepburn and Holly Golightly!


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