Day #6 - A Film That Reminds Me of Somewhere

I'm thinking of highlighting three places that have their own memories for me, and the films that remind me of these places:

 1. Batman Returns (1992) dir. Tim Burton: A lovely hotel room

I spent one Christmas eve watching this and Nigella's Christmas Kitchen in a hotel room alone, waiting (for the whole day and night) for my family to come so that we can prepare for tomorrow's Christmas celebration!

2. All the President's Men (1976) dir. Alan J. Pakula: A certain holiday on a beach

It was a perfectly sunny day, but instead of going to the beach, I watched this film in my hotel room, completely wasting my time. Not regretting it, though. It was memorable.

3. Fantasia (1940) and Fantasia 2000 (1999): Amsterdam

I cheated a bit here by choosing two films. But I don't care, because the Fantasia films are the perfect reminder of the days I spent in Amsterdam. Besides, I've cheated from the beginning anyway by choosing more than a film for Day 6's theme alone. The original Fantasia from 1940 is reminiscent of an apartment I rent in a very sentimental district of West Amsterdam (well, sentimental at least for me). Then a segment from Fantasia 2000, the Rhapsody In Blue segment, is reminiscent to the most memorable days I spent completely alone in the city, feeling like the whole world's mine. I loved and missed those days.


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