Day #13 - A Guilty Pleasure

So we finally come to the category 'guilty pleasure'. Tough, tough one. I'm the kind of person who indulges in an awful movie just because. Sometimes it's the character that steals my heart. Sometimes it's the scenery. Sometimes, juuuuust sometimes, it's the dialogue. Yes, I find dialogue to be the most important part of a movie, be it good or bad. Anyway, my guilty pleasure film is...

Mixed Nuts (1994) dir. Nora Ephron

You know, this isn't really that awful (but then again, thinking about that sad 7% tomamometer the critics in RT gave it)... at least for me. It's a Christmas movie, and the seasonal theme adds to the chaotic plot and characters (which is why I love it)! You find Steve Martin, Rita Wilson, Madeline Kahn, Adam Sandler, Liev Schreiber, Juliette Lewis and Anthony LaPaglia all spending Christmas together, with a twist (one of them commits murder)! Their characters are extremely eccentric and quirky; they can't relate to each other that much except for the fact that they're all crazy people with problems of their own. At times it's naturally humorous, but sometimes it feels like they're trying too hard to be funny that they lost it. I love Madeline Kahn, and Liev Schreiber is quite memorable, however Steve Martin, Adam Sandler and Anthony LaPaglia are sadly forgetful, despite the fact that they're all amazing comedians. But it was the brilliant over-the-top craziness of the film that makes me love it. We see Kahn stuck in an elevator for more than an hour without anyone helping, and Schreiber's transvestism that makes him look like a complete drag, and Sandler's weird songs, the corpse disguised as a Christmas tree, the fact that there is such job like 'a wall artist', and Steve Martin trying to straighten things out from the beginning to the end... amusing. I like this movie. A guilty pleasure!


  1. Whoa! Did read that right? Did you say "Schreiber's transvestism"??? That right there is a good enough reason to watch that movie. On the other hand, he played a transvestite in "Taking Woodstock" so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised!


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