Day #11 - A Film By Your Favorite Director

It's hard enough to choose just ONE director, but thinking of choosing just ONE film from that one director's full filmography is just... a tough job. I have loads of favourite auteurs I love for their remarkable styles, like Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Chaplin, Hitchcock, Spielberg, Keaton, Burton, Capra, Polanski, Preminger, Wyler and Wilder (I used to mistake them as one another), Coppola (the father), Tarantino, Allen, Godard.............. lots of them. I mean, I could be making my own 'Great Directors' list just by the look of it!

But I have to choose, now, don't I? So after much eeny meeny miny mo, my pick goes to...

Billy Wilder!

He directed and wrote so many awesome movies, and the mentionworthy ones are Ninotchka, Sabrina, Double Indemnity, Stalag 17, Some Like It Hot, Seven Year Itch, and The Apartment. The fact that he's a director that pushed the actors to play against their typecasting for a change (like Bogart's role in Sabrina) but didn't force them to play their characters beyond their own abilities, and that he believed that the story is the most important part of the film (in which he often created the best dialogues ever, like in Some Like It Hot and Sunset Boulevard) aside cinematography or anything else make him my favourite pick out of all the auteurs I admire. His film I choose for this category:


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