New to classic films?

You don't have to worry at all, because I too am new to classic films. I'm still learning!
Here are some fantastic links to get you started on classic cinema... and more.

New To Classic Film? 6 Movies To Get You Started
(basically 6 introductory movies to the classics 6 essential classics)

Ten Great Films To Get You Hooked On Pre-Code Hollywood
(pre-Code was an important era in the history of classic cinema... read on)

Beginner's Guide to Silent Films
(title says it all)

The Beginners Guide to Classic American Cinema
(brief talk about Classic American Cinema)

A Beginner's Guide to Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier
(the couple played major roles during the Golden Age of Hollywood and was highly influential... up until now)

Alfred Hitchcock
and his notable films
(quite lengthy, but you simply cannot forget about the great auteur!)

Classic Films
(yet another 'a-beginners-guide')

Films During the Great Depression
(highlights some notable Depression-era films)

and of course, the one site I consider essential when talking about the classic cinema:
100 Years

Notice that there are a lot of sites and classic film blogs out there that you can use as a reference or two (try starting from my blogroll) The links here simply highlight certain aspects that you should know in order to understand the value of classic cinema; to become familiar with it. I do hope this helps!


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