The Gay Divorce (1934)

Egbert Fitzgerald: "Now listen, I'll give you the password. When you see the lady, you must go to her and say 'chance is the fool's name for fate'."
Rodolfo Tonetti: "Chance is the foolish name-"
Egbert Fitzgerald: "More fair, the fool's name for fate."
Rodolfo Tonetti: "Oh yes, I will-- tell me please, what she mean?"
Egbert Fitzgerald: "Well, you have to have some method, you have to, when you... uh, who? Oh, nevermind, nevermind what it means, just say it!"
Rodolfo Tonetti: "Yes!"
Egbert Fitzgerald: "Now, Tonetti, remember, i want delicacy, tact, assurance, finesse!"
Rodolfo Tonetti: (pats his bag) "I have brought everything."


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