Friday highlights

1. I am now LAMB member #1033

go ahead, make my day

2. (Fake) criterion
I found this tumblr blog and I love it. I hope it's being updated daily. My favourite being this from all:

le awesome

3. Rhett Butler

Never in my life have I seen anyone like him. Being in love with the most impossible girl in the world, witnessing his beloved daughter died practically in vain, and dealing with jealousy and heartache almost everyday with no clear solutions. He has everything, except that one girl he just could not reach. Such a hurt man. He takes it all like no gentleman, and no gentleman he is. You think he's good? He's not! But I love him to bits, just like how I love Scarlett to bits. They're one of the most messed up couples I've known.

oh snap!

4.  Hepburn, Bogart (and Holden)'s film together

I always love watching a refreshing classic romance. This week's classic lighthearted romance is Sabrina (1954). It's funny, it's sophisticated, it's true to the genre, the actings are honest and the chemistry's lovely, and the plot is amusing. And I have to say, Audrey Hepburn's legs are to die for. Those are the limbs of a true woman! And what is more, Humphrey Bogart is the leading man here. And then there's Paris and champagne glasses in pockets. And dancing inside a tennis court, with a Givenchy gown that might be worth your lifetime's salary. This film is a dream come true to any girls out there with a head full of lovely, romantic things.

5.  And of course... the Monster Movie Blogathon!
It's started already. Click for Day 1


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