Friday pairing: Shirley Maclaine & Jack Lemmon

Their films:

I don't why I chose these two... probably because just recently I watched Irma La Douce for the second time, and found the film even more mesmerizing than before. Was it the chemistry between Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon?

'I'm through!' or, Even Bogart makes mistakes

It all started from Carole Lombard's ditsy Irene Bullock. I was on the hunt for more William Powell movies, and I realized one of these days I must finish My Man Godfrey. When I was done and poor Godfrey is about to marry Irene, I came to the conclusion that the only thing I didn't like from that movie was Irene's fringe.

i just... don't
Then, as my curiosity got the best of me, I researched more about the film, and found its bloopers. I know already Carole Lombard was a lady who curse, but seeing her doing it is just... amusing! and William Powell's laugh was freaking adorable, I have to add.

The Apartment (1960)

Fran Kubelik: "We had two wonderful months this summer, but that was it. Happens all the time! The wife and kids go away to the country, and the boss has a fling with the secretary... or the manicurist... or the elevator girl. Comes September, the picnic is over; goodbye! The kids go back to school, the boss goes back to the wife, and the girl...... They don't make these shrimps like they used to."

Libeled Lady (1936)

Gladys: You thought it was a lot of fun, didn't you, making me fall for you? Well I did fall, but I'm picking myself up, William Chandler, you can't fool me anymore with your hoof-hoof-hoof or your insomnia or your publisher! You're a pretty poor sample of a husband. But nobody else is gonna get you, not if it kills both of us!
Warren Haggerty: Now look, Gladys...
Gladys: Oh, and you're ten times worse than he is, at least he had some excuse for kicking me around, he was in love with another woman! But you double-crossed me for the sake of a newspaper! Well marry the paper and be the proud father of a lot of headlines, that's all you're good for anyway!